Xiaomi Mi 2 10000mAh Dual USB QuickCharge Power Bank Review

I bought this Xiaomi Mi 2 10,000 mAh Dual USB power bank from Banggood for £17.84 including shipping from China. It supports QuickCharge 2.0 rather than 3.0 as in the Banggood description, but it’s very good if you’re happy to have a power bank intended for the Chinese market. Recommended.

You can buy this powerbank from Banggood - This link contains a Banggood referral link which helps me to buy more power banks to test.

Video Review

In the box

The box that the powerbank comes in

The packaging is pretty good - all cardboard, so recycleable and feels like a quality box. This is a product intended for the China market, so the text and small manual is all in Chinese. On the back is a ‘genuine’ hologram sticker with a scratch off code to verify that it’s not a counterfeit product. This one is genuine.

This one is a genuine product
The powerbank and cable

The powerbank has a nice anodised aluminium finish and has a good solid feel to it.


  • Model: PLM09ZM
  • Dimensions: 147 x 71 x 14 mm
  • Capacity: 10000 mAh / 37 Wh
  • Weight: 245.4 g
  • Micro USB cable length: 33 cm
  • Input: 1 micro-USB
  • Output: 2 x USB A
    • 5V @ 2.4A
    • 9V @ 1.6A
    • 12V @ 1.2A
  • Hold-on current: Normally 45mA. A double press of the power button will enable the supply even for very low current devices for two hours.

Power supply

Comfortably delivers 2.4A from a single port at a nice steady 5V. Using both ports the voltage starts to drop significantly at just over 3A combined - it can’t deliver 2.4A from both ports at the same time, but this is not explicitly stated so it’s fine. Both ports support QuickCharge 2.0 output at 5, 9 and 12 volts individually, but if you use both ports then they’ll both stay at 5V.

Cable test

The cable is ~33cm long with a slightly odd flat cable. Both plugs are rubberised and this extends to the strain relief, which seems fine. The cable loses 4% at 2.1A which is pretty respectable for a cable that’s supplied with a power bank.

Capacity Test

Very good. A steady 5V exactly all the way through the discharge at 2.4A. The power was cut off cleanly at the end with no voltage drop, at which point it had delivered 33621 mWh, which is 91% efficient. This is an excellent figure, the best I’ve tested yet.

Power cut off nice and cleanly at the end

Display Accuracy

The 4 indicator LEDs seem to roughly correspond to 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% capacity.

Standby Power Loss

Seems ok, this one was manufactured in January, and seems to have ~25% capacity remaining in late September. Obviously I don’t know what the initial charge level was…

Passthrough power

Supported. The powerbank does reset the ports when the input is plugged in or unplugged though.