RAVPower 2-Pack 6ft and 3ft Lightning Cable Review

I bought this 2-Pack RAVPower Lightning Cable Set, 3ft and 6ft, from Amazon UK for £10.19 on a lightning deal. They’re normally £13.99 and come with a lifetime warranty. They’re good cables, recommended.

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Video Review

In the box

The box

2 Cables, each with a nice velcro cable tie, and a warranty and support information card. Good strain relief on both ends of the cables. There’s a RAVPower logo on the USB-A end only, and a nice indentation on each end to improve grip.

The cables.


  • Length: 3 feet (90cm) and 6 feet (180cm)

Cable test

At 2.1A the 3 foot cable drops 0.25 volts at 2.1A, or 5% of the power flowing through which is perfectly respectable. The 6 foot cable drops 0.35V at 2.1A, or 7% which is very good.