Poundland Power Geek 2200mAh Power Bank

This Power Geek “Awesome” 2200 mAh power bank came from Poundland for the princely sum of £2. They do a 4000mAh version for £5 too. It’s interesting if you need to power a very low current device because it doesn’t cut the power off under low load like most power banks do, but it was unable to sustain 1 amp for the whole discharge test. For light loads like bluetooth headphones it’s good value, but look elsewhere if you need to charge a smartphone.

Video Review

In the box

The box that the powerbank comes in

There’s a powerbank and a 30cm USB-A to micro USB cable inside the box.

The power bank and cable


  • Dimensions: 90 x 30 x 22 mm
  • Capacity: 2200 mAh
  • Weight: 63.3 g
  • Micro USB cable length: 30 cm
  • Input: 1 micro-USB
  • Output: USB A - 5V up to 1A
  • Hold-on current: 0 mA, it always supplies 5V.

Power supply

A nice steady 5V output at 1A. Cuts off at about 1.2A which is fine. Always outputs 5V regardless of load on the power bank.

Cable test

No real strain relief, 30cm long USB-A to micro-USB cable. 8% loss at 2.1A, which is mediocre but fairly normal for a cheap included cable. At 1A which is all this power bank claims to deliver it shows 5.6% voltage loss, which is adequate, but not great.

Capacity Test

Supplied 1A initially, with the output voltage dropping off to 4.5V after a while. At this point it had delivered only 51% of the expected capacity. When the load was removed the output resumed, but unable to continue at 1A. I resumed the test at 500mA and it continued to supply a steady 5 volts until it had delivered 6127 mWh (of the maximum 8140 mWh), which is 75% efficient. Underwhelming, given the failure to consistently supply 1A. It did cut the power off cleanly at the end of the test.

Display Accuracy

No power level indicator. A blue LED when it’s supplying current (but not always if the load if very small), and a red flashing indicator when charging, which becomes solid when charged.

Standby Power Loss

I’ve had this for a couple of weeks and at an educated guess seemed to be about half full, so seems to be acceptable.

Passthrough power