Milool / Uppel 2-In-1 Rechargeable Camping Lantern Power Bank Review

Milool 2-In-1 Rechargeable Camping Lantern Power Bank Portable LED Camping Light (which also seemed to be Uppel branded) on a lightning deal from Amazon for £14.99. The current price is £18.99. I DO NOT recommend this product.

If you really must, you can buy this from Amazon UK - This link contains an amazon referral link which helps me to buy more power banks to test.

Video Review

In the box

The lantern/powerbank, a USB cable and a brief instruction sheet in english.


  • Weight: 183 g
  • Micro USB cable length: 50 cm
  • Input: 1 micro-USB
  • Output: 1 x USB A - 5V up to 1.5A (2A claimed, but not true…)
  • IP65 water resistant.

I tested the power bank / lantern under the shower for a minute or so. There was no obvious water ingress into the case, but the USB port bungs, which seem to be silicone rubber did let a little water past. This is permitted by the IP65 rating. It will probably survive a rain shower while camping.

Power supply

Initially seems to deliver up to 2.5A at 5V on a full charge. It turns out this behaviour cannot be sustained. The USB port is connected up as a ‘Dedicated Charging Port’ which means the D+ and D- pins are floating but shorted together. As a result it advertises only 1.5A current available to the connected device.

Cable test

The cable is 50cm long. It has some strain relief but it’s not very flexible. I would not expect this cable to last long with heavy use. At 2.1A it drops which is 5.4% of the power being delivered. For a 50cm cable this is nothing special, but it’s not awful either.

Capacity Test

This is where the power bank fails. The claim on the product page and on the box is that it will deliver 2.1A. A few minutes into the test, the output voltage had dropped to 4.5V, and shortly after that started switching the output off and back on intermittently. At this point it had delivered just 960 mAh.

At 2.1A the powerbank starts to drop out every few seconds

I recharged it and re-ran the test at 1.5A (given this is the capacity it advertises electrically) and the power bank ran as expected, delivering 3030 mAh (15252 mWh). It did not cut off the power cleanly though - dropping the output briefly to 4.2V, then flicking on and off a few times before finally killing the power.

The voltage drops to 4.2v for ~30s before pulsing on and off
The pulsing continues for ~30 seconds

Display Accuracy

The display consists of 4 LEDs. They show the available capacity with a short press of the power button and while charging. I have not specifically tested their accuracy, but during the test their output seemed consistent with the state of the power bank.

Standby Power Loss

Seems ok. After 5 weeks standing the power bank had lost less than 10% of its available capacity, some of which was due to my testing.

Passthrough power

Works, but seems to be restricted to 4.5V while charging. Not really recommended.