Juice Long Weekender 10050mAh Powerbank

I bought this Juice Long Weekender Dual USB 10,050 mAh power bank from Sainsbury’s for £20. Normal retail price appears to be £30. I’m not a fan of the fingerprint magnet mirrored part of the case, but it meets the claimed specifications and seems to be of a reasonable quality. Not bad for £20 if you need something you can pick up today.

Video Review

Featuring a guest appearance by my cat.

In the box

The box that the powerbank comes in
The powerbank and cable

It claims to contain LG cells which is nice. The brightly coloured part of the case has a nice soft-touch feel to it, but the mirrored bit is a fingerprint magnet.


  • Dimensions: 130 x 75 x 22 mm
  • Capacity: 10050 mAh / 37.1 Wh
  • Weight: 217.3g (box says 203g)
  • Micro USB cable length: 30 cm
  • Input: 1 micro-USB, charges at up to 2A
  • Output: 2 USB A 5V - 1 x 2.1A, 1 x 1A, 2.4A in total.
  • Hold-on current: 45mA

Power supply

2.1A port is fine. Unsurprisingly the 1A port also delivers 1A. The power bank seems capable of delivering up to 2.7A before voltage drops off, so there’s a bit of headroom in the claimed 2.4A total rating. The hold-on current appears to be about 45mA, with anything below this resulting in the power bank switching off.

Cable test

There’s not much strain relief and quite a bit of plastic flashing on the plug moulding. The cable is 30cm long. There’s a 0.25 volt drop or 5% at 2.1A, which is perfectly acceptable for an included cable.

Capacity Test

During the capacity test the power bank delivered 29940 mWh out of a claimed capacity of 37.1 Wh, or 80.7% efficient, which is fine. The voltage and current were both nice and consistent throughout the test and the power bank did cut the power off cleanly at the end.

Nice clean power cut off

Display Accuracy

The charge indicator.

They’re using a set of 4 LEDs to backlight some numbers in a strange font. They do seem to be a reasonable represenation of the charge level, but I’m not personally a fan of this over the standard 4 LED indicator.

Standby Power Loss

It was reporting ~25% full when I opened it. It’s been on my shelf for a few weeks but there’s no obvious way of telling how long since it was manufactured. You shouldn’t assume it will be full when buying it, but it should last reasonably well when charged.

Passthrough power

Works, but heavy draw on power supply when charging. Resets when unplugged.