Griffin Micro-USB and Lightning Charge Sync Cables Review

I bought these cables from Sainsburys which is a supermarket here in the UK. The braided lightning one was £11.99 and the micro-usb one was £6.76. They’re ok, but nothing special. You can find better cables for less money, but they’ll do if you need something in a hurry that you can go and pick up straight away.

The boxes

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In the box

The cables in a plastic tray, along with some bits of warranty / safety information.

The cables



  • Length: 1m (3.2 feet)


  • Length: 90cm (3 feet)

Cable test

Both cables feel of an OK quality. Strain relief could be better, but it’s adequate. Lightning cable showed 7.4% power loss at 2.1A. The Micro-USB one fared slightly worse at 8.2% loss at 2.1A. These are pretty average figures - not brilliant, but not awful.