EC Technology 5200mAh Powerbank Review

I bought this EC Technology 5200mAh power bank from Amazon on a lightning deal for £7.64. It no longer seems to be available to buy so there’s no link to it. It is just about OK, but nothing special.

Video Review

In the box

The contents of the box


  • Capacity: 5200 mAh / 19240 mWh
  • Dimensions: 95 x 43 x 25 mm
  • Weight: 124g
  • Micro USB cable length: 50 cm
  • Input: 1 micro-USB
  • Output: 1 USB A - 5V up to 2.4A

Power supply

Claims to deliver 2.4A, seems to suffer significant voltage drop above 2.5A. Perfectly fine.

Cable test

The cable is around 50cm long. It has some strain relief but it’s not very flexible. At 2.1A it drops 0.25V, or 5%. At 2.4A it drops 0.3V or 6%. This is nothing special, but it’s adequate.

Capacity Test

Delivered 2.4A consistently over 5V during the course of most of the test. It delivered 2992 mAh at 5 volts, or 15095 mWh, which is ~78.5% of the rated capacity which is lower than I’d hope, but it’s just about ok. It did generate a lot of heat - with the USB connector of the meter being almost too hot to touch.

It did cut the power off cleanly at the end, although the output voltage was wobbling between 4.5 and 5V for the last 3 minutes or so of the test.

The voltage wobbled by around 0.5V for the last few minutes of the test

Display Accuracy

The 4 blobs seem to approximately represent the 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% marks.

Standby Power Loss

Seems OK. I’m not sure how well charged it was when it arrived. It has been on my shelf for 8 weeks and was approximately half full when I opened it.

Passthrough power

Not supported.