Aukey 20000 mAh Dual Port and Lightning Powerbank Review

I bought this Aukey 20,000 mAh Dual USB and Lightning power bank from Amazon UK. I paid £21.49, but it normally seems to be available for between £20 and £23. It doesn’t have many fancy features, it’s brick shaped and heavy, but it is a solid powerbank with an impressive capacity for a good price. Recommended.

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Video Review

In the box

The box that the powerbank comes in

Inside the box is the powerbank, a micro-usb cable, and a nice mesh case to keep them in. There’s also a small manual and a 24 month warranty card.

Powerbank, cable and case

There’s a lightning port for charging in addition to the normal micro-USB port, so if you’re an Apple user you don’t have to carry an extra cable to charge the powerbank.

2 x USB-A output ports, Micro-USB and Lightning charging ports.


  • Dimensions: 147 x 82 x 21 mm
  • Capacity: 20,000 mAh / 74 Wh
  • Weight: 381 g
  • Micro USB cable length: 30 cm
  • Input: 1 micro-USB and 1 lightning
  • Output: 2 USB A - 5V up to 2.4A, 3.4A maximum.
  • Hold-on current: 75 mA

Power supply

No autodetection of anything being plugged in, so you must press the button before the power is turned on. It advertises 2.4A on each port, which it delivers at a nice steady 5V. Noticeable voltage drop occurs above 2.6A which is well above the claimed specification. Both ports together deliver 3.4A as claimed.

Hold-on current is relatively high at around 75mA, and it cuts power after just a few seconds if there’s no noticeable drain.

Cable test

Limited strain relief, but feels like quite a thick cable. There’s a USB logo on the correct side of the USB-A end. At 2.1A the cable drops 0.17V, or 3.4% which is good for an included cable.

Capacity Test

During the discharge test the voltage was consistently close to 5V throughout, and the power bank had no problem supplying a steady 2.4A. It cut the power off cleanly at the end of the test. It delivered 60,294mWh of a maximum possible 74,000, which is 81.5% efficient, which is fairly standard.

Nice clean power cutoff.

Display Accuracy

The display consists of 4 LEDs showing whether the power bank is 25, 50, 75 and 100% full. They seem to be a reasonable representation of the available capacity.

Standby Power Loss

I bought this in June 2018 and had left the box unopened. The power indicator shows 50-75% remaining in October. I’m not sure how full it was when it arrived, but the standby loss appears to be perfectly acceptable.

Passthrough power

Not supported.