Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s the list of frequently asked questions. Please get in touch if you have a query that’s not on this list.

Q: Can I send you a powerbank to review?

A: No. It’s important that these reviews are impartial and to ensure that testing represents retail power banks I will not be accepting any submissions from the community.

Q: Can I suggest one?

Yes please! If you see something that looks interesting that I can purchase please let me know and I’ll add it to the list!

Q: How can I help?

Please consider supporting this site via Patreon. All funds received go towards purchasing devices for test and improving the tests that I can carry out! Even $1 per month helps!

Q: How do you fund this site?

Currently all equipment and power banks are purchased by me. Some Amazon links may be affiliate links which means I can buy more power banks for testing. I will disclose these links in case you want to avoid them, but using them helps to test more power banks. The best way to support this site financially is via Patreon.

Q: Will you be doing teardowns?

Not routinely, as it could render the power bank unsafe to use and I’d rather give them away to randomly selected patrons. Maybe if they’re really bad though…